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Testing @Nogaro!

Antonio and the T Sport Bernau team have had a busy couple of days at the Circuit Paul Armagnac de Nogaro. The team arrived on Monday afternoon and got straight to work unloading the truck and setting up the garage. Antonio arrived at the circuit on Tuesday and began to get settled into the cab of the new T Sport Bernau race truck. Being the first time Antonio had sat in the truck, much of Tuesday afternoon was spent adjusting the seating and pedal positions so that it was as comfortable as possible and ready to take to the track on Wednesday. After a couple of minor teething problems Antonio was soon out on the track putting the truck through it paces, testing all of settings and components and reporting back to the team. After noticing a slight problem with the clutch whilst out on track the team decided it was best to remove the gearbox and clutch last night after the track had closed. The team worked late into the night to rectify the issue before putting everything back together ready for another day on the track today. It’s been another great day with lots of positive feedback from Antonio. The team are now servicing the truck ready for a final day of testing tomorrow before we head back to the workshop to finalise the overall set up and updates before the season opener in only 6 weeks time.

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