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T Sport Bernau is delighted to be the first Goodyear FIA ETRC team to be awarded with the One-Star level of the FIA Environmental Accreditation Programme for our efforts to reduce our impact on the environment!




It was confirmed that our application along with proof of an overall solid environmental commitment with willingness to follow up public expectations towards Environmental Management has been successful.

Pointed out as our strongest attribute was our significant reduction in the environmental impact of the logistics and transport area of our operations and the fact that we are trying to be the most efficient team within our championship.

Noted within our accreditation is our environmental policy which expresses our team’s overall commitment to:

x Reduce the CO2 footprint created by our activities, with particular focus on the logistics of our operation combined with running our race truck on 100% renewable biofuel.

x Monitor the use of energy and make sure our workshop is using only 100% green electric.

x Educate and motivate employees and team members to carry out tasks in an environmentally responsible manner.

x Focus on recycling as much waste as possible.

x Reduce the water usage in our workshop by collecting, storing and using rain water.

Our aim is to keep working very closely with the FIA and ETRA (our championship promotor) who are aiming towards net zero emissions in our championship by 2038 and we are also going to work with our team partners to:


Our objectives are: 

x To implement new technologies such as the use of an electric or hydrogen driven tractor unit to reduce our carbon footprint even more, latest by 2030.

x To use a carbon emission calculating system to help manage our carbon footprint monitoring by 2025.

x To reduce waste and increase waste recycling by a further 15 % in the next 2 years, with a special focus on waste generated at the circuit.

x To lower our energy consumption, for example by upgrading machinery and appliances to highest efficiency standards during the next 5 years.

x If financially visible choose environmental and sustainable products in both, the workshop and office, every time orders are made from 2024.

x To increase staff training on how to use materials efficiently and reduce material waste in the next 2 years.

x To reduce our water usage especially at the circuit by 30 %, latest by 2026.

x To raise awareness with the event organisers with regards to ground and water pollution and try to increase spill kit availability for larger oil and fuel spillages in the paddock during the 2024 season.

The above objectives will be monitored and enforced by manager and environmental officer Melanie Derflinger.


This sustainability policy and the achievement of the established goals will be reviewed periodically.

We ask for everyone´s collaboration in order to be successful in this commitment to sustainability.

View our sustainability policy here.

Your feedback is important to us. To get in touch, click here: T SPORT BERNAU CONTACT

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