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FIA ETRC to become leading platform for sustainable technologies in the road haulage industry.

Our championship is the first FIA regulated championship in the world that will run with 100% renewable fuel. HVO biodiesel will be introduced in the 2021 FIA ETRC season!



We appreciate the raising importance of sustainability in motorsport and in the road haulage industry!

On top of using the HVO biofuel in our race truck from 2021 onward, our team has already taken first steps to become more environmentally friendly! 

x Reduce our CO2 footprint with a new and professional logistic concept, that allows us to transport the complete team equipment and spares for several events in one single vehicle! 

x Smart route and travel planning to avoid unnecessary road miles and fuel consumption.

x Green electric supply in our workshop where we build and fabricate our race truck and all needed spare parts.

x Increased focus on waste recycling.

x Massively reduced usage of disposable plastic tableware.

x Electric forklift at the race circuit.