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T Sport Bernau achieves Two-Star accreditation of the FIA Environmental Accreditation Programme

T Sport Bernau is delighted to announce that we are the first Goodyear FIA ETRC team to be awarded with the Two-Star level of the FIA Environmental Accreditation Programme following some extensive work to further reduce our impact on the environment since getting our One-Star accreditation back in 2022.

The auditor confirmed that T Sport Bernau demonstrates a solid environmental performance for a FIA Two-Star accreditation. The commitments described in the Sustainability Policy and the shared package of various procedures, reports and routines indicate a strong motivation towards best practice within sustainability/environmental management.

T Sport Bernau collaborates closely with the team members, partners, suppliers and the championship promotor to make the team more sustainable.

We are committed to:

x monitor and reduce our CO2 footprint with particular focus on transportation / logistics, travel and of course, the running of our race truck,

x choose renewable energy and lower our usage,

x source local and environmentally friendly products and materials,

x communicate, educate and motivate team members, partners and suppliers,

x reduce, reuse and recycle waste, and more.

We achieve all of this by using only the vehicles essentially needed, the upgrade from a Euro 3 to a Euro 6 tractor unit, smart route planning, joint travel with other teams, the use of 100% HVO fuel for our race truck, 100% green electric energy at our workshop, a rain water collection system to wash cars, the integration of newest technologies such as for example the use of the Varta AGM Batteries in our race trailer, waste recycling at the workshop and at the circuit, the use of environmentally friendly products, the support of local nature reservoirs and much more.

We strive to continue making even more changes in future based on the best and economically feasible technology available.

We hope that other teams will soon follow our example, so that together we can hopefully all make a little difference to the environmental impact of our sport.

Attached you will find the official certificate, certifying our achievement of the Two-Star level of the FIA Environmental Accreditation Programme.

Details to the programme can be found via:

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