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Day 1 in Brands Hatch

T Sport Racing have had a difficult first day at Brands Hatch for the last event of 2019. The day began with a qualifying session in the typical, British, November rain. The track conditions were extremely wet with a lot of standing water, making it very difficult for the drivers. Terry managed a couple of flying laps setting some decent times considering the conditions. However, part way through the session, Terry spun off the track, damaging the truck quite badly and ending his session. This left the T Sport Racing truck starting in 6th position and with some major repairs needing to be made. The team worked hard to replace parts and repair the truck in time for the race this afternoon. Amongst the damage was the fuel tank which had been leaking diesel out of the bottom of the truck. This would prove to be problematic at the start of the race with Terry struggling for traction thanks to the diesel soaked tyres on a wet track. He unfortunately tumbled down the rankings finishing in 11th position. He managed to recover well and set some good lap times towards the end of the race. The team are now working hard into the evening to ensure the truck is back in full racing condition for tomorrow’s busy schedule of 3 races, where we are hoping to start afresh and gain some good results.

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