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T Sport Bernau are excited to have got their 2024 campaign underway!

This week the team travelled to Autodrom Most in Czech Republic and spent 3 days partaking in the official pre-season testing.

During the winter months we have been busy in our workshop producing spare parts and improving our race trailer. Our race truck itself remains largely unchanged from the 2023 truck with only a few selected changes.

This year the whole field will be using new Goodyear race tyres which promise to be better under wet conditions and to have a longer race life. Additionally, the FIA introduced a new regulation limiting the angle at which the front axle on the truck is allowed to be bent. Our main focus for pre-season testing was to test the trucks performance with 2 different test axles and to try out the new tyres.

Now completed, we are happy to report that the test went very well. We had no technical issues which meant a fantastic amount of running time on the circuit and our engineers had a great opportunity to test multiple setups and learn a lot about the possibilities and limits of the new regulations.

Overall, we leave the test feeling very positive for the upcoming season. We will now travel back to our workshop in the UK where we have 4 weeks to finalise everything and try to optimise our setup prior to the first race which will take place in Misano, Italy on the 25th and 26th of May this year.


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