MotorDrive Seats

MotorDrive Seats is our partner when it comes to get a FIA approved race seat! Custom-made competition FIA seats at Motordrive – the only limit is your imagination! Call or e-mail for more details: ‭+44(0)1772624024‬ * choose a seat design that is right for your shape and size and also right for your car. * the seat will be padded to fit your body so that it will hold you safely and comfortably. * perform at your best and enjoy your motorsport if you are comfortable in your seat. * personalisation of your seat shell and cover is available. * the Motordrive team are highly experienced in motorsport and seat safety. * Motordrive are the only UK company to manufacture a full FIA8862-2009 10 year seat homologated for Race and Rally. SERVICE | SAFETY | STYLE 

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