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Revised Calendar for 2020 season!

Great news! The FIA have released a revised race calendar for the 2020 season. With plans for us to race at 6 of our world renowned events later this year. After the worldwide pandemic of covid-19 threw this years European Truck Racing Championship into uncertainty we are extremely excited that plans are being put into place for us to race in a 2020 championship. The proposed race dates are:

29th-30th August; Most, Czech Republic 12th-13th September; Zolder, Belgium 26th-27th September; Jarama, Spain 3rd-4th October; Le Mans, France 17th-18th October; Hungaroring, Hungary 14th-15th November; Misano, Italy (Dates still subject to FIA confirmation)

We cannot wait to get out onto the track in our brand new race truck with Antonio Albacete behind the wheel! The team will continue to work hard, making preparations so our race truck is as competitive as possible. Can’t wait to see you all soon! #racetruck #racing #fiaetrc #europe #championship #calendar #dates

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