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Fernfahrer T Sport Bernau

We are very happy to see this report about our championship and in particular about our team in the Fernfahrer magazine, one of the most read trucking magazines in Germany!

Unfortunately the text is in German, but for those who aren’t able to read the article, let us summarise it.

The article explains that our sport notices and appropriates the importance of becoming more environmentally friendly. The FIA addressed the topic by introducing HVO biodiesel into our truck racing series this year. But there are also other interesting solutions to reduce the CO2 footprint that are being implemented within the individual teams. T Sport Bernau gets mentioned as the prime example.

We have taken a couple of small steps in order to make our team more efficient and environmentally friendly.

We optimised our loading capacity in a way that we can load all the team equipment and spare parts that we need into just one race trailer. And to reduce our CO2 footprint even further, rather than travelling backwards and forwards to and from the UK in between all the events, we have organised ourselves so we can travel from one event to another and only return to our workshop in the North of England once during the summer break.

Additionally we run our workshop with green electricity, we make sure we separate and recycle waste as much as possible and we try to reduce the usage of disposable cutlery and plates at the events.

We understand that these are only small steps, but we want to show that we respect the importance of taking care of our environment and do our bit to try and help - even in the motorsport sector.

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