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Entries are open for the ETRC Digital Racing Challenge 2021

ETRC teams, truck racing teams from other national series and sim racers can secure their place on the grid now! Find out where to apply here

The ETRC Digital Racing Challenge will feature 4 events with 8 races and two separate grids which will run in parallel. The first grid comprises ETRC teams as well as truck racing teams from other national series. Teams can nominated one driver and it doesn’t matter whether it’s the truck racing driver or a team member. The other grid will be filled with some of the fastest sim racers trying their hand at the virtual 5-ton 1,500 horsepower racing giants.

Organised on the “Assetto Corsa” gaming platform, the current truck racing drivers will compete against each other on a simulator of their choice. The virtual trucks all have the actual team livery and the same coding structure, however the drivers can make some individual modifications.

The ETRC digital challenge will be broadcast live globally across ETRC’s social media platforms including on the official YouTube channel, Facebook page, Twitch and the official website.

The deadline to apply for spaces is 11 January 2021.


Round 1 - 24 January 2021, Hungaroring Round 2 - 07 February 2021, Nürburgring Round 3 - 21 February 2021, Le Mans Round 4 - 07 March 2021, Jarama

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