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Truck Sport Bernau - T Sport Racing Merger

Aktualisiert: 16. März 2020

The management of T Sport Racing and Truck Sport Bernau are delighted to announce the collaboration of the two teams, to form T Sport Bernau for the 2020 FIA ETRC season.

With the T Sport Racing team entering their third season competing in the Championship, and the well-established and experienced Truck Sport Bernau team looking to grow upon their success from years past, the united approach to strategically collaborate was established.

The Truck Sport Bernau driver, namely 2019 FIA European Truck Racing Championship runner up and triple ETRC champion, Antonio Albacete, will become the team’s racing driver.

He will be supported by an extensive and experienced team, including:

  • Lutz Bernau and Egi Bartmann (from Truck Sport Bernau) will take on a supervisory role within the team, providing technical and operational support.

  • Tim Frost and Melanie Derflinger (from T Sport Racing) will manage the team. Melanie will look after all marketing related activities, with Tim managing the technical side.

  • He will be supported by Tom Eckersley who will work on the design and technical development of the truck and Justo Álvarez who will continue to work alongside Antonio analysing the technical data.

  • Tim & Tom, together with Iain Booth, will be the team’s lead race mechanics.

  • Bianca and James Hailstone, Eliot Haram, Mike Payne and Debbie Booth will also continue supporting the team on the race truck and by helping with social media content and at the hospitality area.

The team is excited to work closely with all of our team partners and to promote their businesses through the platform provided by truck racing. Something we feel we can excel at thanks to the unique combination of experience, fresh ideas and passion.

T Sport Bernau will be entering the whole 2020 FIA ETRC season with a newly built race truck, armed with innovative technology. We are looking forward to welcoming guests and fans at all of this year’s events.

Press release in English and German HERE

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