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Rounding off the 2019 season.

Today was the last day of T Sport Racing’s 2019 season with 3 races at Brands Hatch in the UK. The day began with Terry lining up at the back of the grid following the results from yesterday’s race. The race start went without a hitch. However, for the first few laps Terry struggled to find a way passed a slower moving truck at the back of the field. Eventually making the pass, Terry found himself a long way back from the leading pack. He got his head down and put in some great lap times to catch up to the main pack. Eventually working his way up the field finishing in 6th position by the end of the race. A great result, all things considered, and placing him on the second row for the start of the next race.

With the top 8 finishers of the last race being reversed to form the grid for the subsequent race, Terry lined up in 3rd position, ready for the start. He held his position well off the start. Fighting with Stuart Oliver for second position however, allowed Dave Jenkins to close up behind and apply some serious pressure, eventually working his was passed Terry. In amongst the battles Terry ended up off the circuit briefly losing a few more places, finishing in 7th position at the end of the race. A bitter sweet result, as once again the reverse grid would see Terry starting on the front row for the final race!

Our guests from EMS, FP&S were treated to a technical tour of our race truck during the lunchtime break, giving them a great insight into the parts we use and the work that goes into keeping our race truck on top form throughout a race weekend.

The final race of 2019 came around and Terry lined up on the front row of the grid. The race started well with Terry holding his second position for the opening laps. Jamie Anderson and Ryan Smith managed to overtake Terry and began battling for second place. During their battle Ryan Smith spun off the track, opening the door for Terry to move back into a podium position. However with it being the last race of the season and with a point to prove, Ryan Smith managed to make his way back passed Terry, reclaiming the podium position and demoting Terry to finish 4th.

The team are now packing everything away ready to travel back to our base in the North West of England, signalling the end of our 2019 campaign. T Sport Racing have once again had a successful year, competing in both the FIA European Truck Racing Championship and the British Truck Racing Championship. We have welcomed many guests to the events this year and have built stronger relationships with our team partners. We are all looking forward to seeing what the 2020 season brings. We have a lot of work to do over the winter break to prepare for the next season. As always, stay tuned for updates!

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