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A day of 2 halves in the Spanish sun!

The day started with 2 free practice sessions. The team struggled through both sessions with a problem with a water valve leaking inside the cab, soaking not only our driver Terry but a lot of the electronics in the truck as well. Fortunately we were able to change the valve before qualifying and solve the issue. Qualifying came around and Terry and the rest of the field took to the track. Terry managed a couple of flying laps but ultimately was only able to qualify in 15th overall. There wasn’t much time between qualifying and race 1, the team worked hard to ensure the truck was prepared and ready to race. Terry lined up on the grid ready for the race to begin. Terry got off to a good start, making the most of the extra space infront of him, thanks to the non starting Citignola, Terry managed to pass Luis Recuenco in the first few corners. Terry was chasing fellow Brit, Oly Janes however whilst trying to get past, Terry got pushed wide and lost out once again to Recuenco. Ever the fighter, Terry fought back and managed to once again overtake the number 64 truck before the end of the race, finishing 13th overall and climbing onto the podium in the Grammer Cup Truck to collect the 3rd place trophy. The results from race 1 formed the grid for race 2, with Terry lining up on the 7th row. Once again Terry got a great start, overtaking Janes. At the end of the first lap a fellow driver crashed into a tyre wall causing a red flag and the race was stopped. After a short while the race was set to be restarted after the barriers had been repaired and the debris was cleared from the track. The restart once again went smoothly with terry finding himself in between Oly Janes and Luis Recuenco. He was fighting hard to overtake Oly. Reinert, who had suffered some damage before the red flag had restarted from the pit lane, was working his way up through the pack. He had managed to pass Terry and was working his way past Oly Janes ahead, however in amongst the action, Recuenco locked his brakes approaching the hairpin at turn 3, crashing into the side of Terry. Terry ended up in the gravel, however another few trucks had already had an excursion through the same gravel trap leaving deep ruts along the way. The T Sport Racing truck got beached and despite Terrys best efforts he was unable to get the truck free and had to retire from the race. Tomorrow will start with another qualifying session to determine the grid for the first of the 2 final races of the 2019 European season. The team are working hard this evening to repair the damage from today’s collision and ensure the truck is in top condition, giving Terry the best chance to build on today’s first race podium. #fiaetrc #grammertruckcup #podium #results #racing #truckracing 

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