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A mixed bag on Saturday

T Sport Racing have today been competing at the famous Le Mans circuit in France. The day started with free practice. Terry was able to get a good feel for the track conditions and help the team to fully optimise the truck ready for the qualifying session.

Qualifying took place late in the morning. Terry managed to get a good couple of laps in during the session.

The first race was soon upon the team, leaving barely enough time to service the truck in preparation. Terry lined up on the grid before taking to the track for the formation lap. Terry held his place well off the start, however into the second corner and the first braking zone of the lap, Terry tried to make a move down the inside to gain a position. Unfortunately Terry locked up the brakes and bounced over the curb on the apex of the corner, colliding with another driver and spinning his truck in the process. He managed to get the race truck back on the track but was now at the back of the field. Terry posted some good lap times, giving the team confidence that the next race could prove more promising.

The second race came around and once again Terry lined up on the grid. He had to start from near the back of the pack after the results of the first race. The race once again started well with Terry holding his place and staying out of trouble. There was some contact between some trucks ahead of him however and the race was temporarily halted while the debris was cleared from the track. The race restarted and Terry managed to work his way through up the field, fighting with fellow Brit Oly Janes. Unfortunately, despite Terrys best efforts he was unable to make a move on Janes and finished the race in a very respectable 10th position overall, climbing up onto the podium to collect the 3rd place trophy in the Grammer Truck Cup.

The team will now work into the evening to service the truck, make some minor repairs from today’s races and get the truck ready for tomorrow mornings qualifying session.

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