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Ready to race at Nürburgring!

T Sport Racing are set up and ready for race day at Nürburgring. We are looking forward to welcoming lots of VIP guests from PE Automotive, BPW Bergische Achsen and Lunau GmbH into our hospitality suite overlooking he start finish straight. Terry will line up in 17th position on the grid for the first race today. The team are confident and are hoping Terry can push through and gain some places in the race. You can keep up with today’s action through the livestream on the FIA ETRC website ( or on youtube. Terry will be on track for race 1 at 1105 (1005 in the UK) and again at 1455 (1355 In the UK) for race 2. #nurburgring #raceday #racetruck #racing #VIP #suite #Germany 

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