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The end of a promising season opener for T Sport Racing!

After Terry’s fantastic qualifying this morning he managed another podium in the first of today’s races. Finishing 2nd in the Grammer Truck Cup. The second race however, got off to a shaky start when, on the grid, the team needed to change a brake disc after an intense battle with Jamie Anderson in the first race. T Sport Racing once again came through, with the guys managing to change a brake disc, on the starting grid, in 8 minutes!!!! 😳 This however wouldn’t be the last of the problems as a water pump failed during the race causing Terry to pull over before any serious damage was done to the engine. Overall though, the T Sport Racing team have had a brilliant season opener, with 3 podiums, and are confident in the performance of the truck and the upgrades that have been made! #fiaetrc #hungaroring #legendarypitcrew #teamwork #racetruck 

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