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VIP Rides @Hungaroring

Our first few runs out with the new D26 MAN engine have been very promising. Terry has been out on the circuit today for the first time with the new engine..... and so far, so good. All the upgrades the team has made to the truck over the winter months have withstood their first test on the track today with the VIP and press rides. The team were joined by Mika from Finland and his stag doo. Mika was even lucky enough to get a few laps on the track in the passenger seat of the upgraded T Sport Racing Truck. Fingers crossed Terry and the truck can perform well tomorrow for qualifying and the first races. This will be the first real test for the new upgrades when Terry takes the truck to full race pace for the first time! #racetruck #fiaetrc #pressrides #stagdoo #budapest #hungaroring 

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Ready for Testing

All setup and ready to start testing tomorrow morning at Autodrom Most 👍🚛🏁 #truckracing #testing #antonio #most #racetruck #man #pe #varta #truckfit #masteroil #tengtools

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