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Full of Pipe Truck Show - Derry Bros

Full of the Pipe! What a fantastic event! We are having a great time showing off our racetruck at the Full of the Pipe truckshow in Punchestown, Ireland. There’s so much to see, with so many well turned out show trucks, all polished and shining in the Irish sunshine. It’s a great event for anyone interested in trucks, both young and old! It’s a busy weekend for our partner, and main sponsors of the event, Derry Bros Shipping. Not only did they arrange our ferry across from Liverpool to Dublin but also many of the other showtrucks that have travelled across from the UK for the weekend with their special fares for trucks attending the show! We are here again all day today, if your at the show come and say hello, and if your not at the show, you should be. 😜 #fotp #showtime #goingshowing #racetruck #showtruck #ireland 

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