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The sleepless night that got us back on track

On Thursday, we refused to participate at the VIP/press rides as we wanted to make sure we didn’t put too much unnecessary stress on the truck´s engine prior to the actual race weekend.

Yesterday, however, and although we were so careful the day before, DISASTER STRUCK! During qualifying, a cylinder head cracked on the engine. Our truck was not at all fit to race. With some quick thinking and a great teamwork, we still managed to coordinate with team members who were still in the UK. Over night, they flew over to Germany – with six new cylinder heads in their suitcases.

Leaving the UK at 9:00pm, it took the rest of the team 6.5 hours of flying and driving until they reached Nürburgring at 3:00am. This was when we started rebuilding the engine. Our team worked through the early hours to get the truck ready – definitely no mean feat! Finally, at 7:30am today, thirty minutes before the first warm-up session, the rebuilt engine fired up for the first time. From across the paddock, many could hear the cheers of the T Sport Racing team celebrating their achievement.

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