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1st race day at Zolder

The tension in the paddock is clearly starting to rise as everyone is fighting for the last final championship points for 2023. Today’s first race day at Zolder was full with mixed feelings. Qualifying didn’t quite go as planned, but Antonio managed to finish the first race in P5, followed by a victory in race 2. Later on he was given a time penalty which pushed him a place down to P2 - but the good news, overall the gap within the overall standings to P3 and P2 is getting smaller. Fingers crossed we will have a good race day tomorrow! #truckracing #zolder #results #podium

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Ready for Testing

All setup and ready to start testing tomorrow morning at Autodrom Most 👍🚛🏁 #truckracing #testing #antonio #most #racetruck #man #pe #varta #truckfit #masteroil #tengtools


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