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A very promising first race day in Nürburgring!

After a disappointing qualifying on Friday the T Sport Racing team were confident that Terry and the truck had the pace to gain some places during the race. In the 15 minute warm up session this morning Terry managed to get some good laps in and got a feel for the track conditions for the day! The first race came around and Terry lined up in 17th position on the grid. At the start, Terry managed to hold his place well, gaining a few places in the first few laps after some of his fellow drivers had a collision allowing Terry to move past them. After defending his place to Luis Recuenco throughout most of the race, Terry managed to make a pass on fellow brit, Oly Janes, near to the end to secure himself a podium in the Grammer Truck Cup. Finishing 12th overall and 3rd in the Grammer Truck Cup. Between the races some of our guests were able to take advantage of a technical tour of the race truck. Our chief mechanic, Tim, explained to them some of the technical aspects of the truck and how the many parts that our partners supply us with are used throughout the race weekend. The second race started with Terry on the 6th row in 12th position, following on from the results of the first race. Terry started well once again, making up places at the start. Terry found himself defending from Recuenco before being able to move clear of danger. After catching Téo Calvet an intense battle ensued, with Terry and Téo swapping places a handful of times. Eventually on the final corner of the race Terry made a late lunge down the inside, trying to move up to the second step of the podium in the Grammer Truck Cup. However after the race the stewards deemed that Terry’s move was a little too ambitious and they handed him a 5 second time penalty which ultimately demoted him to 4th in the Grammer Truck Cup. Now the team are busy servicing the race truck to ensure Terry has the best possible chance in Qualifying tomorrow morning before the final 2 races of the weekend. #truckrace #fiaetrc #nurburgring #racing #podium #pe #bpw 

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